Design Center

In accordance with Law No.5746, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology took action to enhance the competency of Turkey’s economy through design way. In this scope, Ministry tends to enhance innovative actions, promote to hire design personnel and skilled workforce towards increasing functionality, development, improvement and differentiation works.

Since 1990, as Yeter Makina, which manufactures special purpose machine and designs itself, we applied to Ministry to earn the Design Center title. After Ministry audition and our presentation, we earnt Design Center title as Yeter Makina. We say “count me in” to contribute to the country economy.

In this context, we are serving with our designers and technicians and conducting design projects and design activities that compatible with Ministry’s “investment in technology, investment to future” motto.

Siemens NX

Investment in Technology, Investment to Future

The design of special purpose machine projects are created by our design team via Siemens NX.

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