Management System Policy

YETER MAKİNA commits below issues with blending its experience with institutionalism and with quality and innovative service concept and to has influence in the fields of “special purpose machine manufacturing” sector, especially in defense and aviation industry in Turkey; 

  • To document our management system in accordance with ISO 9001-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and to improve management system,
  • To manage our activities integrated with Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, to work with full of power mainly for special purpose machine manufacturing and defense and aviation industry to be held up as an
  • Adopted total quality, to reach company and unit target within team
  • To provide high customer satisfaction in accordance with
  • To keep up and finalizing the works with proper equipment finalize and share this information with partners,
  • To build “quality-minded” workers who learn continuously and renew
  • To gain customers’ trust and to increase customer satisfaction with our product and service quality, through continuous improvement and development of our
  • To foresee customer needs and expectations, to find faultless and effective solutions, to meet their expectations on time.
  • To take precautions for reducing pollutions that composed during production and to protect the
  • To give priority to sustainable resource
  • To comply with the national and international law and
  • To protect the privacy of the third party and to implement the security
  • To comply with primary and secondary legislation conditions, customer conditions, and standard


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